We offer day care in Darwen for children from the age 0 up to the age of 8 years old. We focus on learning, as well as your child’s development and safety.

Our Darwen Nursery is based across one large floor (measuring 6000 square foot). We have many rooms for learning and play with three separate rooms dedicated to 3 specific age groups offering different furniture and a range of activities. Our learning environment encourages exploration through Child’s play.


We are also proud to say we have the biggest indoor play area in Darwen, although we encourage children to play outdoors on a daily basis we also allow children to make use of our indoor play area covered in synthetic turf allowing children to play and learn as much as possible.

We also provide football play on Friday’s where a professional coach is brought in to teach and have a kick about with the boy’s and girls ensuring maximum fun whilst learning.


We have a large outdoor play area where your child could join in with gardening, sport or merrily play on some of our outdoor equipment.

Visit our Darwen nursery and you will see your child’s work decorated on our indoor/outdoor walls or attached to the line that spans across the garden. You might also see children playing on the tires, digging/weeding flower beds or joyfully riding around getting some fresh air.

What makes us special?

Darwen day care is about the strong partnership with you. We offer monthly stay and play sessions and you will be invited to regular parents’ evenings and events. We have an open-door policy, encouraging the ideas, comments and concerns of our parents. We believe that this partnership is what makes our centre so strong and our reputation so highly regarded.

Whilst at Darwen, your child will be assigned his or her own keyworker. This is so your child will be monitored by the same individual each day he or she spends with us. Progress and learning will be tracked and your child mentored. We will liaise closely with you to make sure your child is happy and safe. Your child’s keyworker will be your point of call for any query (although every staff member of Peek A Boo would be more than happy to help with all queries).

Our Darwen nursery is all about the individual child, with the understanding that what interests and what stimulates each child will be different. We plan individual learning experiences, using the Early Years Foundation Stage to guide our planning. You can access your child’s online learning journal at any time. You can also add details to the journal, offering insights from home for your keyworker to read. We invite, acknowledge and appreciate parents’ interaction at every point.

What Parents say

“My son has special dietary requirements and the nursery has prepared him his own menu. He loves coming to play at nursery he tells me each day what he has been doing”

“I love coming to the stay and play sessions seeing what my child enjoys playing with and the activities that are available”